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All right, people.

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 10.06.2006 at 12:37
For those of you still interested, I think we need to have a conference or something. I really need to know if you guys are gonna be able to participate. Especially Vergil, Trish and Spikes, since they're already written into the story. reikofanel doesn't want to play Chase anymore, so I'm going to have to write her out of the plotline somehow. I'm really tempted to just scrap it and start over.

So far, we have Oscar, Don, Dydrial, Tony, Dante and Alastor willing for the story. Natalie, are you still planning to do Chris and the hellhound? Personally, I'd think the hound a great addition; I can see Dante's eyebrows lifting clear from here. Anyway, if you folks can get in touch with these other players, I'd appreciate it.

And let me know, cause my vacation'll be over next week and it's back to the grind. If you guys know anyone else who might be interested/an asset to the story, recruit. The more the merrier, lol.


Hey, folks.

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 10.04.2006 at 17:34
All right, folks.

Several folks have inquired of me when or if I'll be starting up _the_inferno role play again, so I revisited the site and read a bit. I even undeleted Dante's posting journal.

So, if anyone's interested, lemme know, k? Thanks.

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 11.02.2005 at 17:51
Angst Level: calmcalm
Background Noise: Radio
Read this. I shall be gathering posts/threads to me and preparing the Colonel's post very soon. Tomorrow, it shall be posted. Might be late tomorrow, but it shall be done.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET INSIDE! BEFORE IT RAINS! Anyway, just a reminder, folks.



The Hell?!?!

Posted by killer_fea on 10.21.2005 at 21:18
Angst Level: grumpygrumpy
Background Noise: baby snoring
MMMMMMMMMMMk so I'm wondering where Kris went, I'd love to continue that Thread so Fea can keep moving. I was afraid of this when I joined. With every other RP it was the other way round: I had to exit due to a personal reason. But now my girl is just stuck and apparantly because there's a better story line somewhere else?!?! Sorry to sound bitchy but I need something to help me remember that I am not a mom-bot (feed, change, cuddle, sleep, feed, change, cuddle... you get the point). Please don't leave me hangin, this truly is part of my sanity and one of the only connections I was to the woman I was pre-baby...

Posted by killer_fea on 10.04.2005 at 00:59
Angst Level: confusedconfused
Hurray and pout! My baby is here, but what the heck, the rp is at a stand still!! I need you guys to help me stay sane while I turn into super mommy. And recover for 3 weeks before getting any kind of a social life back...


Greetings, one and all.

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 10.02.2005 at 20:33
Angst Level: calmcalm
Yes, I'm alive. Thanks to reikofanel for letting everyone know I was out for a while. Thanks to everyone that submitted concern and care; you guys rock. I'm alive and well, although my car (Pontiac 2003 Grand Am, silver), isn't so fortunate. They had to total it. I squalled. I loved that car. But insurance is a wonderful thing and the best thing is no one was hurt. Save for my shoulder, which was just deep muscle damage.

But I'm at home now and getting back into the swing of things. Rp is a must; I've been dying with no 'net for a week plus. Anyway, threads are continuing and I'm looking forward to progression of the story. Thanks again, guys; you're the greatest.

Lots of ♥, Jay

Tylyn pic


Posted by tylyn on 10.02.2005 at 01:54
Angst Level: irritatedirritated
Okay...I have had just about all I can take! Not only did I blow out my knee but it appears that when I did fall from doing so I brushed past some F#$@ing POISON IVY!!!

So now my arm is an irritated, blotchy, blistered, red, scorching hot, ITCHING flippin nasty rash.

*screams and yanks out hair*

For the love of all that is holy will this EVER stop?!?! I'm not quite sure who challenged worse on my behalf but when I find out, so help me, I will kick their ass!


Okay...I think I am better now..still itching like a crazy bugger, but better.

Tylyn witchblade pic

Okay the long and short of it...

Posted by tylyn on 09.28.2005 at 00:14
Angst Level: In flippin pain
Background Noise: Wish these damn pain pills would take effect~By Me
Okay y'all, I have to make this brief. I blew out my knee today..really bad. Muchlies in pain, cant walk and the whole thing. I will try to check this thing once a day if I can but for all intents and purposes I am out of commission for at least a few weeks. Hope y'all are well and safe, I'll talk with ya when I return and of course I wouldnt mind an IM or two every now and again to let me know how you are and to say hey. My yahoo sn is mean_wicked_and_nasty. Much love..ttyl.

Posted by killer_fea on 09.21.2005 at 06:52
Angst Level: rushedrushed
Background Noise: 7 am Pill Hill... the only time the bums sleep
Sorry to Kris, Oscar and Liana (sp?) for being so slow with my posts. I'm going through a housing nightmare around here *check zoe31602 for more details on that*. And I'm due to have my first baby in less than a week. The lack of energy, over kill on nesting instinct and lack of time to sit still for more than an hour make it hard to come up with anything remotely acceptable. Thanks for your patience!!!

Posted by _devil_inside on 09.13.2005 at 22:50
Angst Level: cheerfulcheerful
Background Noise: Disappear - Hoobastank

Seriously, things are getting better around here and I think I can manage Dante for a bit. I answered Chase's post in the comm, and will get around to reading the rest of the stuff this week. Work's just kicking my tail for the moment. Blerg. But, we know how that goes.

So, I r teh back, for the moment. Yay. ^^

Tantrum what?

Posted by xxelectrocute on 09.12.2005 at 22:07
Angst Level: annoyedannoyed
Background Noise: Smashing Pumpkins - Cupid De Locke

Just your local Trish-mun stopping in with a public service announcement. I'll be partially (as though I haven't ALREADY) AWOL for the next...Gah, I have no idea. I love it when rl comes up and kicks you one good time in the ass. Hopefully it'll only be the next week or two, but until then, I'll be slow and shifty, and ghosting, following along for the most part.

For this semi-time off, I'd like to thank Hurricane Katrina for making my net even more screwy, my teeth for sucking so hard and making me go to the dentist for who knows what kind of work, and preparations for school for being so bloody time-consuming. Kay. So, this is just to let you know YES, I'm here, and I'll jump in when I can, but for the most part, I'm going to follow along. >.> Until I get, like, straightened out. Or something.


Just to let you know...

Posted by animenadie on 09.12.2005 at 20:43
Angst Level: blahblah
Blaaah. Hurricanes suck rooster fries and all. I'll be trying to update more frequently now... as long as my phone line stays on. Due to a main line being down it's been off for a few days, cutting me off from the net. GRr. Just a note to let you know that while I may be slow, I'm not gone or anything.


Hurricane Katrina

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 08.31.2005 at 20:00
Angst Level: pensivepensive
Background Noise: Radio
Hey guys. It's gonna be a bit until I get back in the rp swing. Hurricane Katrina has pretty much kicked our asses down here. I'll be in and out, as work takes priority over my other life. Have to have money to have that other life, you know. I'm terribly sorry, but I didn't make the weather, so there's not a lot I can do.

Be back when I can. Loves to all. Jay


Cadros Segomo

Posted by killer_fea on 08.29.2005 at 21:23
Angst Level: boredbored
Background Noise: the ringing in my left ear
Here's his updated bio since we had quite a bit of tweaking. Let me know whatcha think and if he's a go...

Here he is... Fea's cousinCollapse )



Posted by killer_fea on 08.27.2005 at 02:21
Angst Level: confusedconfused
Background Noise: banging head on desk
I seem to remember reading a post with the descriptions of the various demons. Can't find it now, would be helpful in more detailed action sequences... anyone know where it went or if I'm just dilusional?

Rheiz's journal...

Posted by hell_pup_rheiz on 08.25.2005 at 02:00
Angst Level: accomplishedaccomplished
Background Noise: a fan blowing...
Add hell_pup_rheiz to your friends' page. ^-^

So here's the link for Spikes lj

Posted by xx_spikes_xx on 08.21.2005 at 19:57
Angst Level: accomplishedaccomplished

b&w me

Character app.

Posted by animenadie on 08.19.2005 at 21:17
Angst Level: accomplishedaccomplished
Accept or decline. It's HIGHLY likely it will be edited in tiny ways, even if accepted, since I'm such a nerd.

Be warned... he's... different. :-D

Read more...Collapse )


-stares- Like...woooowwww

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 08.17.2005 at 00:13
Angst Level: geekygeeky
Background Noise: Rei on the phone, doing laundry. 0o
Amazing first posts, everyone. Very good. I swoon with delight. Let's keep recruiting and the like. I'm trying to pull in folks from yahoo. Don't cringe; serious folks only, trust me. But anyway, moving quite along...

Boy, seems everyone's looking for Dante! -pulls him from his hidey hole- Boy's pretty popular, it seems. Good Lord. But Dydrial's the only one who's found him thus far. And Don. Wanted dead or alive, it seems. Trish, he's getting to you, I promise! But I dunno how many shocks the boy can handle in one night, good Lord. And Chase is back at the base seething. Oy. I feel so bad for Dante.

But everyone seems to be gravitating towards S. A., which is good. Moohahaa, I'm just thrilled. If anyone has any plot lines, feel free to share. I'm all for it. So, let's have tons of fun and see how many folks we can rope into it! Sw00t! I are the excited. -boogie-

Kay, I'm to sleep. Nighty all.

taking a brief hiatus already..... ^_^()

Posted by child_of_diluce on 08.17.2005 at 01:02
Angst Level: excitedexcited
Background Noise: it's actually really quiet in here... *turns on the radio*
Okay folks, here's the deal... Otakon's this weekend, and, being the dork that I am, I'm headed up to Baltimore to partake in the festivities. I leave Thursday in the early afternoon and won't be back until Sunday evening. I won't have Internet access the entire time I'm gone.

The way I see it, my character's safely out of the action at the moment, and I don't see a justification for bringing her into it (or starting to, at any rate) until I come back, since the current situation can change drastically between now and Sunday. So... if it's okay with the moderators, I'd like to let Deirdre sit in the orphanage until I get back from the con.

Posted by killer_fea on 08.15.2005 at 23:43
Angst Level: hungrymunch munch munch
Background Noise: my sweetie's game behind me
FYI: the yahoo sn for this lovely bitch is killer_fea :-)

In other news, did I do ok on my first post? I feel like such a newb asking but be honest...

Good End
Posted by zombifiers on 08.14.2005 at 23:00
I feel totally pathetic having to write this. And I know that I shouldn't be making excuses, but I'm going to anyway.

The fact of the matter is... Vergil solo shot? Yeah, it's not done. No way am I gonna be able to finish it by the end of the night, either. I didn't realize that this RP was so involved and that I would have deadlines to get my works in. Typically, I join RPs where I can do logs at my leisure, as a side-thing... but, eh, I think I jumped the gun with this one due to my excitement at the thought of being able to write for the A-man. But he's not talking to me at the moment, for whatever reason. I begged, I pleaded, I offered him a herd of goats to slaughter... still, the word was mum. Not only that, but I simply do not have the time to work on logs during the week. At all. And if I find time on the weekends, I do it then. Hats off to Jay for being able to juggle working full time, other crap, and the RP. But I was never good at multitasking, and I simply cannot do it.

So what does this mean? I guess it means you're out a Vergil. And it is a shame, seeing how this is my last week of work for the summer. Unless you want me to post an unfinished work, or if the mods find it in their hearts to just give me this extra week, then I guess I'll see you around. I'm sorry, guys. I'm really, truly sorry. You have no idea how much this sucks and how pissed I am at myself for doing this to you. (especially you, Dydrial-mun. ugh.) But... that's life.

- Vergil-mun



Posted by tylyn on 08.13.2005 at 03:00
Angst Level: tiredtired
Alright...I stayed up past 3 am and worked on this. I cant see straight anymore so I am just gonna post it now and wait for feedback to any changes that need to be made on her. However, I definately wont be able to work on any changes and whatnot until after the weekend because I wont even be in the same state. Then if she is accepted I will work on an lj for her.

So anyways, here it goes:
Spikes AppCollapse )



Posted by sibilantmacabre on 08.11.2005 at 23:45
Angst Level: contemplativecontemplative
Background Noise: Radio
Okay, peeps. Time has come to either step up or step out. I hate it, but everyone who has not posted yet has until Monday, August 15, to get an introductory post done. I realize everyone has other stuff going on, but I work a full time job and am constantly engaged in other things and yet I make time. Those of us who are posting will get too far ahead for everyone to catch up, those who've been there from the get-go. Come on, get your charries fine-tuned and in the door. Tuesday, those characters who haven't posted will be removed and we shall recruit elsewhere. Don't be on that list, the characters posted are great ones we'd hate to lose, but they gotta be posted!

And to those playing, swoot! Very awesome, let's keep rolling on! Looking vey good so far. I'm excited to see where it'll go from here. Very nice, very nice. ^_^

Thanks, guys.



Posted by sibilantmacabre on 08.10.2005 at 17:54
Angst Level: bouncybouncy
Background Noise: Blessed silence
Good posts so far. I are the excited! -boogies-

Anyway, learn by doing and all that. When we start a new scene, if there's a former scene we're adding to, let's please link it in the info somewhere. Perhaps in the subject line or something. < a href="page url here">Link Text</a> is the coding, without the spacings. I still don't know how to make the brackets NOT HTML. But yeah. Thanks guys! It's getting interesting so far!

Lots of love, Jay



Posted by _devil_inside on 08.09.2005 at 21:53
There is rp'age over in the comm, folks.

Come along, else it'll proceed without you! I dun want anyone left behind! -waits and hopes-

I spoke with Jay about Teagan and from there is where I cut her history for the second time. I've looked over the character again and I am really not inclined to chopping it any further. So if it doesnt work then it just doesnt work. In my gut I just cant make her that angsty-type character that has her brother killed by the demons so she seeks revenge type deal. And the rest of it was from past events..hence the whole "history" part. I know it doesnt apply now. Either way just decide so I know whether or not to write up a first post for her and whether or not to keep the lj I started for her. Just..lemme know.


It's begun.

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 08.06.2005 at 17:45
Angst Level: excitedexcited
Background Noise: None
All right, folks. Me, Don and Sparky seem to be the only ones posting. Where's everyone else? Come on, let's get it moving! ^_^


Posted by teagan_mcgowan on 08.06.2005 at 03:23
Angst Level: nauseous and tired
Sorry about the delay. Three viruses downloaded onto my pc does not a happy Teagan make. Anyhoo...now that I am back online and able to actually do something I shall work on the revision for me charrie and then on a post..that is if I can chop her up into little bits enough for it to work. I really dont want to have to start over *forsee's a headache with that* and I dont want to start over with a new charrie either. Anyway..I will start working on it a.s.a.p.

Updated profile: Kristopher

Posted by bigmuthahunter on 08.05.2005 at 15:55
Angst Level: fullfull
This is his LJ I'm posting under btw. Lol, corny name I know... but it fits his personality.

Read more...Collapse )

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 08.04.2005 at 17:30
It is done. Run to see.

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 08.02.2005 at 18:00
Just a note, if anyone edits existing characters, please make a new post as it gets hard to go back and make sure we got everyone. Thanks. ^_^

Posted by sibilantmacabre on 08.01.2005 at 18:04
Angst Level: crankycranky
Background Noise: Rei and I discussing/plotting on the phone
Due to my ineptitude…Collapse )


Posted by child_of_diluce on 07.31.2005 at 22:43
I'm in no dire rush to get this answered, so I figured I'd post it here instead of catching Jayden on AIM.

Are character applications going to be closed when posting starts, or can we add a character later in the game as long as it's within a reasonable period?

*whew* Finally..

Posted by teagan_mcgowan on 07.31.2005 at 17:51
Angst Level: accomplishedaccomplished
...submitted for you approval. Hopefully I didnt screw it up. Never done an app before, or even forum rp but..eh..we'll see.
Read more...Collapse )

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